Thursday, August 21, 2008

Students find progress in return to Gulf Coast

Students find progress in return to Gulf Coast:
"'It was interesting this year because [the victims] are trying to move on from remembering the hurricane constantly,' Powell said.

After her first trip to Mississippi, Powell said church members and 2007 Catonsville High School graduate Justin Holmes wanted to create the same opportunity for volunteers who didn't belong to the church.

'There's definitely still people not in their homes yet and still struggling to get back,' Powell said.

Once back in Maryland, the students agreed to plan another trip for this summer.

The effort attracted 20 more students than last year's trip.

The community response helped the teens raise $70,000 for expenses, such as transportation, and donations to aid the Mississippi residents' rebuilding efforts."
A few things about this article. True it has zero to do with BonaResponds, but it is important for everyone to see. Why? First to congratulate and thank Catonsville High for their efforts. All the volunteers deserve a GIANT "well done!" High school students are putting us all to shame.

The article also serves to remind people there still is much work along the Gulf Coast to do. Sure there is progress, but many are still not in real homes. That should not be.

And thirdly it sows how much can be done. BonaResponds has never raised even close to $70,000. Sure we are somewhat handcuffed in fund raising by our relationship with the University, but that said, we should be able to find a way to help more. Let's step up this year and get more done!

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