Saturday, December 06, 2008

HODR (Marc) is on NPR!!!

Yesterday HODR was on NPR's Here and Now.

We have worked with HODR in Biloxi, Arkansas, Missouri, and Iowa and there simply is not a better organization out there. We (BonaResponds) model nearly everything we do after them. So if you have a chance to help HODR either monetarily or by going to volunteer, please do. See for more info.

Here and Now : Digging Out Haiti - 12/5/2008:
"Several months after a series of storms, Haitians in the city of Gonaives are still living on their roof tops while tons of mud get moved. Marc Young is coordinating international volunteers in Gonaives for the group, Hands On Disaster Response."
Great work! Marc (AKA Scuba) is a great guy and if he says it is bad, it is bad.

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David Driscoll said...

Oh yeah-- it's bad. I was there and moved tons of mud by hand.

- Dave D.