Wednesday, December 03, 2008

WInter Trip Meeting

BonaResponds Winter Break Meeting Friday 12:30 Murphy C.

Meeting for those going to Bridge City Texas to help with Hurricane clean up. It is not too late to go!

for more info see our previous post:

We will be working with the Churches of Christ Disaster Response Team.

Churches of Christ Disaster Response Team - Hurricane Katrina - Tornados - Floods - Hurricanes:
"The entire town of Bridge City was under water. EVERY family was flooded. They DESPERATELY and URGENTLY need our help! Please click on the link to the blog on the left of this page for more details."
In an email I got the following:
"Our relief effort is set up in the Bridge City Community Center. We are currently distributing supplies, cooking and serving meals to the community (600 - 800 per day) as well as gutting and cleaning houses and beginning the rebuilding stage.
We have a separate area set up for guys and girls dorm rooms (complete with air mattresses) as well as laundry facilities and a (6) stall shower trailer with continuous instant hot water Smile emoticon We provide continental breakfast, lunch and dinner for all volunteers.
We also have our tool trailers onsite so everything you will need to work with is here.
We will need everyone in your group to individually go online to our website and fill out the "volunteer sign up form". Once they have done that, they will receive an email reply with a list of "need to know" items for your trip."
We will be flying down. Fly into Houston's George Bush International Airport. We will rent a van (or two) and make trips to Bridge City beginning on January 5 afternoon. We will leave on the 17th.

So if you are going:
1. Book a flight
2. Log onto the Church of Christ website and sign up
3. Email the confirmations

So let's get moving! We need people to help get the word out, fliers, get an article in the BV, on The Buzz, in OTH, etc. Want 25 volunteers at least.

  1. We will be subsidizing the trip by at least $50 a person for the first 20 Bona Students or employees (or Alumni and Olean Community) people to sign up. After that it will probably be $40 a person through December 5th. (just think, we could subsidize it more if the University hadn't reimposed the 5% fee on our fund raising AFTER they said last year that they were done!)
  2. Open to anyone. (16 and up is fine with parent)
  3. Yes you can come for a portion of the trip. We'd love to have you if only for a few days.
  4. Alumni and community, PLEASE come. We need your work but also it helps students to see importance and that you can serve as both role models and add some maturity.
  5. You are not too old. We can find work for you. If nothing else, we will need drivers to pick people up at airport etc.
  6. Faculty: come on out. It will be the most fun you have, you will help people more than you can imagine, and you will learn that your students are by and large great people! To date very few of you have participated. I am not sure if it is because you are scared or what, but it is VERY fun and the right thing to do.

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