Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Update on Bridge City--Good news

As you know BonaResponds spent two weeks working in Bridge City. We stayed with the Church of Christ Disaster Response Team.

Ike 6-months after:
"Friday, it will be six months since Hurricane Ike blew through and destroyed Bridge City, a good portion of the Cove and other areas of Orange County.

The area was quickly flooded with volunteers and donations. Today, most organizations have left the area, another is planning to leave as others still provide assistance.

The Church of Christ Disaster Response Team set up shop in the Bridge City-Orangefield Community Center soon after the storm....The team’s departure has been set for March 31....They have distributed more than 7,000 sheets of drywall, volunteers coming in now are installing sheetrock, helping paint and installing appliances. From time to time, plumbers and electricians volunteer, but are in shorter supply and greater demand."
"Bridge City Mayor Kirk Roccaforte said FEMA has removed 15-20 trailers from Bridge City so far. “A lot of people are getting real close,” he said, referring to citizens returning to their homes. “I’m pretty much done except for cabinets.” Roccaforte said a rough estimate of people back in their homes in Bridge City would be about 30 percent. He expects that number to jump to 60-90 percent in the next six months. “Every month, things are getting better....“I don’t have any doubt we will recover,” said Roccaforte with conviction. “This is a very strong, very close community. They pulled themselves up by their boot straps, never cried, screamed or hollered and never looked back.”

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