Monday, September 07, 2009

This weekend is going to be HUGE!

This Weekend is the originally planned BonaResponds Local Service Weekend. The flooding in Gowanda has changed the make-up of the day substantially, but we will be having possibly our biggest event ever. We will be teaming up with Villa Maria and Alfred State.

  • What? Two days of good work
  • Where? All over! Saturday will focus on Gowanda and Salamanca.
  • What type of work? In Gowanda we will be finishing house demolition, mudding out two basements, and hauling debris out of two other homes. We will also have a crew working with the Red Cross in moving, santizing, and restoring the emergency cots that were used in this crisis. In addition we will doing some tree removal and rotor-tilling a couple of the worst hit yards. We will also be working with the Catt. County Emergency Operations Center on compiling disaster statistics necessary for FEMA.
  • In Salamanca: we will be painting a house for an 83 year old woman who has had numerous health issues. This job is a special request through the Department of Aging. It was a "pre-flood" job.

On Sunday work includes: insulation of a trailer in Hinsdale, putting in "flashing" and insulation below the house we built in Friendship, some "tree" jobs, helping at a few local charities, trail work on the Bob's Woods Trails, and several other jobs depending on the weather and volunteer turnout.

What time? We will leave SBU on 10:00 on Saturday (so be there at 9:40 to fill out paper work) The day will end (in Gowanda) with a BBQ and picnic for all volunteers (so BonaResponds, Alfred State, and Villa Maria plus those from Gowanda) It should be VERY good.

On Sunday, the we will leave at 11:00. At 5:00 there will be a BBQ on campus for all involved on either day.

Is it open to me? Yes. If you are breathing, we can find you work.

Do I have to come to both days? We'd love you to, but no, come for as long (or as little) as you want.

What to wear? On Saturday in particular come dressed for very dirty work (may want to bring a change of clothes). Mudding out basement is dirty work. Also gloves and boots. All participants on Saturday must have had a tetanus shot in the past 5 years.

Can I bring my parents? Yes Friends? Yes. All BonaResponds events are open to everyone!

What if I can't come? Tell your friends to come. If you want to donate for gas or for tools etc, let us know.

We would love a few people to be able to work Sunday evening to help clean up and to cook. It will take some of the burden off of the student leaders.

How many people do you expect? We are expecting about 100 on Saturday and probably about 50 on Sunday.

Is there anything you particularly need? Materials wise: paint brushes and rollers.
Non materially: drivers, transportation, and leaders (especially anyone to take ownership of the paint job!)

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