Thursday, February 18, 2010

Notice Board Announcements

1. There will be two short work days this weekend. Saturday we will be helping at the Warming House. (We will be helping to build shelves and HELPING to organize their donated food inventory.) On Sunday we will be making crutches for Haiti in Machias with the Christian Youth Corps (CYC). Due to capacity we will limit volunteers each day to 10. Sign up here:

2. Our efforts with Villa Maria, local schools, and churches continues. We now have a website devoted to these efforts:

Our goal is to feed over 200,000 people, provide over 200 pairs of crutches and walkers, and at least 20 tents.

We need you to get involved. We can not do it ourselves. So get involved. Email Steve Gearhart, Rob Ryer, Emily Deragon, Phil Penepent, or even Jim Mahar for more information.

3. While some details still need to be worked out, there is a high likelihood of a small spring break trip to Atlanta. There will be a strict limit to the number who can go (about 25% the size of a normal spring break trip). There is a VERY short meeting at 5:40 in Murphy 103 (Thursday) (I have class at 6:00, so it is going to be VERY short!). You will have to pay airfare and $50 for food/ground transport.

4. On March 27th we will be having the first even Bonaventure International Service Day. We are asking people to go and help others wherever they are and then share pictures/videos/and even recorded audio of what you (or your group) did (we will be having a phone system set up to record audio messages on that day). With these pictures and voice recordings we will put together a video capturing a day of good deeds around the globe! (think of it like tracking Santa!)

So far we have groups signed up in about 30 US cities and 10 countries! But we'd love many many more. Indeed, this is the first year of it and eventually we'd love it to cover all 195 countries! (ok we can dream!) So, if you have friends or family that do not live on campus, get them involved! They need not have a tie to SBU, and the service can be as small as one person helping an elderly neighbor go to the store or as major as 150 volunteers working in Los Angeles.
See for more information.

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