Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Next Tuesday - Presentation on Haiti!

Wesley and his family are ecstatic to have a cement slab. Their housing from before the earthquake is now complete RUBBLE. Literally. A pile of rubble 84 feet long and up to 8 feet high. Over the past six days, Wesley, in his sandals, worked right alongside a crew of volunteers to remove wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow of cement debris. Upon clearing the slab, volunteers gave Wesley two tents for his family - and they were ecstatic!

Four local volunteers, Jim Mahar, Jerry Godbout, Larry Orsini, and Carrie Jackling, recently traveled to Haiti to volunteer at the Hands On Disaster Response site in Leogane, Haiti. Here they worked with Wesley and many others to help them along the road to recovery. "Rubbling," ditch digging, school building, and gardening are some of the ways volunteers are assisting in Leogane.

On Tuesday, June 1st at 7 PM, these four volunteers will be sharing their experiences with a talk and video presentation at the Olean Public Library. They'll describe the work that they've done and the people they've met, share challenges and hopes for helping the people of Haiti. This program is free and open to the public - come and hear their stories, plans for the future, and ways to help locally.

Tuesday, June 1st
7 PM
Olean Public Library

Please join us!

For more information, visit JustRespond, BonaResponds.org, and FoodForHaitiNow.org

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