Friday, July 16, 2010

Let's help get Justin outside!

Major change of plans.  We are going to Buffalo Saturday and Sunday to help in any way we can (and in particular Drywalling).  We will leave SBU at 10AM both days.  The job is in South Buffalo on Milton St.

Some of the local coverage of the story:

From Channel 4 (WIVB):

Buffalo News Live: Video: Dozens of volunteers work to give Buffalo boy a better home on Milton Street:

'It's overwhelming,' Zirpola said this morning as he watched the volunteers from the porch of the vacant home.

It all started with Justin's Make-A-Wish request more than two years ago.

Justin, who was born with Down Syndrome and has had a series of debilitating complications since then, asked the organization to make over the room in his second-story apartment.

Justin suffers from uncontrolled seizures and spinal stenosis and spends most of his time in a hospital bed.

But at 85 pounds and growing, it is a struggle for Zirpola to carry his son outside. For six years, Zirpola said, Justin has been stuck inside except in emergency situations."

You can also see it from WKBW (Channel 7).

A more complete list of news sources is available at Make-A-Wish.

Yes we had another job planned for Sunday, but sometimes a job comes at you so important that your plans change. This is the case with this one.  Why?  The schedule they have set is so tight that I am afraid the house would not get done in time if they wait for us to clear our schedule.    We can paint in Olean at a later date next week but to get them in the house by next month, this looks like our only window.

BTW we heard of this story yesterday we got messages from several people in the area (thank you Allison and Gail especially)  about this story.  THANK YOU!  As a rule I miss almost every local story so we really depend on you all giving us a heads-up on jobs.

As as evidenced by the one day turn around, BonaResponds really does RESPOND! :)

Today we agreed to help in any way we can.  (and yes I realize it will mean some schedule juggling).

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