Thursday, September 02, 2010

This Weekend (Labor Day weekend)

Mini-service Weekend
Not a huge event, but we do need some volunteers
  • On Friday at 5:30 Working on Bob's Wood's trails. Depending on how many show up, work will include mowing, chain sawing, and sign painting.   
  • Saturday -taking down an old ramp and maybe doing some painting (depending on how many show up and weather)
  • Sunday we will be going over to Randolph to work on a wheelchair ramp.  Leave 10:30 from Murphy, return about 6 each day.  (yes you can drive if you want to come back early) 
ok, I confess I am in a miserable mood.  The only way I know how to help lift myself out of the duldrums is to work harder, So while we had planned on working one day this weekend anyways, we might as well add two more since the work needs to be done and I will be there anyways, AND  would love to have some company!

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