Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Our last big service weekend of the semester

Jeanie's Wheelchair RampImage by Bona_Responds via FlickrWhile we will be working throughout the summer, a late Easter, Spring Break, Finals, and a trip to Camden NJ/Philly, this Saturday and Sunday will be our last big service weekend when classes are in session.

We have about 10 jobs lined up from finished a wheelchair ramp in Salamanca, to a house clean out in Allegany, Helping spruce up Oak Hill Park in Olean, painting at the SPCA, to a flood clean up job in Portville.  With that many jobs we need many volunteers.  So if you are able, come help either Saturday (10am behind Murphy) or Sunday (10:30 AM behind Murphy). 

Signup at

Also we still have some spots left for our trip to Camden but they will likely fill this week, so if you plan on going, sign up ASAP also at

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