Sunday, October 09, 2011

Day one in Athens

Saturday -- three jobs ALMOST completed...1 really big, 1 pretty big, and one average sized...

First job was on Suterlee in Sayre PA.  The house had been gutted but the basement had not been touched.  It was a combination of mud and cement blocks as one side of the foundation had caved in.  Relax Larry, it was safe.  We had an assembly line up the stairs and to the curb. Went VERY fast.  Then turned attention to the mud which was just wet enough to be relatively easy to scoop so long as there was not concrete in it--a fact which means that approximately 1 in 20 shovels were easy.  Just when we thought we were getting close to done we realized there was a large crawl space with much mud, insulation, and heating conduits.  Steve (Banger) did a great job of handing out barrels of insulation and wood to be disposed of. 

AS the work began to near completion about half the group broke off and moved furniture and cleaned out the basement of the next door neighbors.
The largest job was a house on Maple that had not been touched since the flood; it had mud everywhere, carpets covering floors, and mold rampant, oh and by the way, there is still about an inch of water in the basement.  The volunteers completely gutted 5 rooms and a stairway in about 4 hours. We have to go back to do the basement but otherwise the job is 95% done for gutting (some in bathroom).

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Holly Green said...

What a day. Bona Responds is an impressive group!!