Friday, October 28, 2011

Various BonaResponds' updates

It has been a while, so I will give some fast updates:
  1. SIFE will be sharing some donations of used computers.  They will be going to the Bahamas, Haiti, and probably some inner city schools in the US.   If you would like to help, please contact us.   The donations come from SBU, local school districts, and others. THANK YOU.
  2. Got two pleasant surprises in today's BV.  We will be receiving some money from a Halloween fund raiser on campus.  24 people will be touring the "Haunted areas" of Bonaventure. (I think it would be a great tour, too bad I missed out on it.)  Also we will be getting volunteers from the newly re-formed Knights of Columbus on campus.  
  3. Several jobs this weekend: 
    • On Saturday at 10:30 we will begin work from the back of Murphy.  It currently looks like we will be doing many smaller local jobs (example: cutting some downed trees on trails, packing school supplies for Haiti, taking back some of the recyclables we cleaned off of Bruce's porch last week, and starting to frame some new ramps.   We may also begin a job in Limestone, but would like to stay close to SBU to see some of the Woman's Rugby Playoff game.  Go Legends!
    • On Sunday we will be MAINLY making 600+ pizzas for the Catt County SPCA.  This will be from about 11:00 to 3:45.  (we leave campus at 11:10)  Additionally a few people will be needed to do a smallish roof job in Hinsdale. 

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