Thursday, March 29, 2012

Local events for International Service Day (THIS SATURDAY!)

While we lost some momentum since I have been more or less gone from BR for 6 weeks trying to nurse my mother back to health (it was in vain as she died of complications of Breast Cancer last week), there are still many jobs going on this weekend, and we hope you get involved!

Remember the basic idea: where ever you are, go help someone!  Big or small.  It does not matter.
After you are done, share the day with others.

How to share

Pictures/short videos: 

  • Can be uploaded to flickr (Bona_Responds) (ask for password: or if you have signed up, we will send it to you)
  • Shared via FB (PLEASE SET THEM TO "PUBLIC" for viewing and Tag Bona Responds).  This is not quite as good since many people are not "friends" with us, but many are, so if this is easier feel free to use it...just set them to public :)
  •  Pictures/videos can be emailed to


Do you prefer to write? Maybe want to write a summary of the day, or something deeper as to how it affected you?  Or how it helped those in need?  Send us an email to and we will share it (and give you credit) on our blog. 


Often the most fun way is to call it in.  We will record all messages and share them with others.  Most like a post work day meeting!  the new number (we JUST got it this AM) is 716-2-BONA-13   
(716) 226-6213

I will not go into the projects except to say that locally (in Western New York) we need volunteers very badly.  




We will be meeting at Villa Maria College at 10:00 AM and going out to various jobs.  Jobs include: Vive le Casa, St. Luke's Mission, Kevin Guest house (Roswell Park Cancer Institute), and the Bob Lanier Center. 

Vans leave from SBU (Murphy) at 8:30 on Saturday AM for these jobs)


While there are others being run by other groups, the two big local jobs in need of volunteers are: 
 1. Painting and more at the new Cattaraugus Mental Health Association.  This is a very big job.  Meet at 10:00 in Murphy (we need cars/drivers).  It is at 121 N Union in Olean if you would prefer to meet there. 

2. Clean up at the Children's Memorial Garden and Gazebo area at Franchot Part to run from 11-2:00 on Saturday, the 31st. We'd ask everyone to have work gloves and bring racks, shovels or brooms if they have these available.

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