Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Our efforts in Haiti

Basic idea:

We want to help improve the Haitian Economy/standard of living through education.  Clearly this is much too big of job for any group.  We will work with many other groups and use a multifaceted approach taking small steps to get there eventually by building incrementally off of what we have and what is in place.

Multi Prong approach

  1. We will continue to send school supplies to schools in Haiti.  The main areas are Leogane, Port-au-Prince, and Gonnaives.  (via BonaResponds existing program that has now shipped over 60 pallets since January 2010)
  2. Scholarships- via HaitiScholarships which is a BonaResponds spinoff.  HaitiScholarships funds scholarships in Haiti for going to school in Haiti.  The average cost is $300 for a year of school.  Awareness and fund raising are the keys to success here.
  3. Tutoring and supporting existing or start up programs-through both donations of supplies and online tutoring, we will encourage and support vocational schools, after school, and summer programs. 
    1. Port au Prince
    2. Leogane
    3. Gonaives
  4. Online school program--This will begin as soon as possible but will be a continual work in progress.  focus on business classes, vocational--example carpentry, nursing, etc.  (see people’s school, voyager academy files)
  5.  Ideally we work on a microfinance program (a 5th prong).  This may be done via BonaSimm or other groups.  The goal would be to provide capital to allow graduates and others the opportunity to start their own businesses.  

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