Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Jim's 9-11-12 Message

I wrote the following on Facebook today.  But as there were some typos and I wanted to share it with a greater community, I am also going to post it here.  
Never forgotten. <3
"So many, lost so much on that Tuesday morning. Many of us lost friends or family. Others lost a co-worker, a role model, or even just someone they saw on the subway. The casualty lists document the lives lost, but miss those many many more who were injured (both physically and mentally).

Over the next few days the world came together and grieved but a form of innocence (along with many freedoms) had been lost. In many ways, both tangible as well as intangible, we are all still feeling the affects of the four planes so cowardly turned into guided missiles. I encourage you all to not forget those who died that fateful day in NYC,, Washington, and aboard Flight 93, and also all those many thousands who lost in other ways here at home and in far away places in the eleven years following the terrorist attacks. The suicide victim, the first responder who succumbed to cancer, soldiers in harm's way, as well as the innocent bystanders of a drone attack are no less victims just because their deaths happened in a time and place distant from the initial attacks.

We can't bring the people back, but we can honor their memory. Doing so entails more than sharing a cool picture or a quote via social media, it means being social to all people, it means making the world a little bit better.

All the talk in the world will only go so far.. Prayers and good intentions are nice but generally won't solve the problems so many are facing. Be the best person you can be: go do something tangible to make the world better for it is in doing so, we will really be honoring those affected by September 11, 2001.

Amy O'Doherty, Mychal Judge, Rob Peraza and the many many others, I have no idea if you can see it or not, but there will be one block cleaned of garbage and broken bottles behind the old Boardmanville Elementary School today. It's not much, but it is my small contribution to your legacy."

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