Monday, August 05, 2013

Weekend recap

What a great BR weekend!  Thank you to those who came and helped!

On Saturday we worked in Angelica.  We had volunteers who did plumbing, painting, and built this handrail to help Dave get around his house.  Dave is a 79 year old Korean War Vet who has had very very limited water in his house for several years. It was a really fun day with the family and neighbors lending a hand (and food) and making a big impact.  We hope to go back when the students are back to do some more: Painting, roofing the garage, and fixing some broken windows.  More pictures of it are here.

On Sunday, as Ed continued plumbing in Angelica, others of us went to Arcade and built a deck for Ken (a Vietnam Vet with MS who can not longer safely get around on the grass.  The deck (off of the existing ramp the VA paid for) will allow him and Denise (who helped immensely with the construction) have a place to sit and a BBQ.

After the Arcade deck job we picked up barrels in Buffalo that will be used for our next packing event for Haiti on August 24.  Be sure to donate school supplies in advance so they can be shipped in time for schools in Haiti to get before their start of class in Late Sept/Early October.

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