Tuesday, November 12, 2013

An update from our friends/volunteers in the Philippines

Provinces and regions of the Philippines
Provinces and regions of the Philippines (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
As many of you know about 2 months ago Jen and Shamae founded a BonaResponds arm in Cebu City in the Philippines.  Their plan was to help in the slums of Cebu City and elsewhere.  

Fate has intervened twice since that humble beginning and the first response was after the eathquake that rocked the Philipines on October 15.  And now the typhoon that wrecked havoc over much of the nation.  

I heard from Shamae and Jen tonight  Here is a recap of what is happening in the Philippines through Shamae's eyes:

"Hello Jim, we are experiencing rotating brownout because of the power shortage. Most of the electricity towers in Leyte were destroyed. I have heard from my relatives in Pilar Camotes Island, an island in the extreme Northern Cebu, that our house was totally damaged. Pilar Camotes is the hometown of my mother.

We're very lucky that my parents are here with us during the typhoon. I have a proposal if it's ok with you and Jen that we will have relief goods distribution in Pilar Camotes. They are experiencing food shortage already. Most of the properties are totally damaged. Most of the relief goods from Cebu will just pass by the island going directly through Leyte and Samar. Pilar Camotes is just 30-40 minutes away from Ormoc, Leyte. I hope we could help them.
I have also another proposal if it's ok that we will have feeding in the evacuation centers in Northern Cebu, maybe we could go to Bogo, Sogod or Daanbantayan. Most properties are also totally damaged.

The immediate need now is food/water/medicines...as you can see in the news others are already stealing in stores."

BonaResponds just sent $500 to help the immediate need for food. (this is after the money sent after the earthquake that brought meals for 130 families).   We will be sending more.  You can help!  Please donate here.   Also see Hands.org the group we were modeled after and with whom we have worked many times.  They do great work!

Once the immediate emergency is over, the work will begin to change and we hope  
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