Friday, March 21, 2014

This is it! The food packing weekend is here!

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This is it! The 100,000 food packing weekend is here! We have almost 300 volunteers signed up (please honor your commitments! ) 
We are still a few thousand dollars short on the money side, so if you want to buy t-shirts etc (or just make a donation) tomorrow that would be great too!
Remember it is in the Richter Center (right next to Reilly Center on the Bonaventure campus). Come in the NORTH doors (on the side closest to Rt 417 (away from the soccer fields).

A few random things about the day:

* Remember we are making meals: so please be clean. Hair nets will be provided.

* People will be given jobs from labeling bags, scooping foods, carrying more food to the work stations, packing, packing boxes, and moving pallets. ALL are needed. Remember every job is important and without each the process breaks down.

* Strive for speed and efficiency (THINK!) but also have fun. 100,000 meals is a big number and we only have three production shifts. So we need over 33K meals each 2 hours. Given the start of each shift is a video introduction, we will REALLY HAVE TO HUSTLE!

* Feed My Starving Children ( Feed My Starving Children) is a great great group! They will be making the decision where the food goes but where ever it goes I am sure it will be very needed. They have shipped over 244 million meals to Haiti so there is a very good chance the meals will go there.

* If anyone would like to make a video of the day, that would be beyond great! Here is a video of the last one:

* PLEASE show up 15 minutes (or more) prior to your shift to get a name tag and sign in. Again with such a tight production schedule we can not afford to lose work time with forms etc. (you can speed the process somewhat by printing and filling out the waiver form in advance. It is here:

Finally and most importantly, this will be a great day. We are honored to have you work with us to make the world a bit better. We encourage you to remember that this is just one way that BonaResponds strives to "Change the world" and we'd love you to stay around and help us on a regular basis. It is great fun and you will be doing great work!

THANKS EVERYONE! We look forward to seeing you all on Saturday!

(with apologies to the old Kenny Loggins' song)
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