Monday, September 08, 2014

BonaResponds 9 minute update

Hey everyone, I don't have time for a real newsletter but want to give you a very fast update (have to leave in 9 minutes!)

  • Great weekend of work this past weekend--scraped a house to paint soon, built a ramp, scouted several jobs, and volunteers delivered a new battery for a woman's wheelchair/scooter.  THANKS to everyone!
  • Great new group of volunteers and leaders this year!  From freshmen to seniors a great group has been coming out to help!  Excited to be working with them and have very high hopes for BonaResponds!
  • 5:30 this Wednesday will be the PositiveRipples meeting.  In the Swan Atrium (or nearby). It is going to be huge!  Get involved now.  Give a helping hand up rather than just a hand-out.  Microfinance and more to help people through education and economic development.  Don't live near here or want to participate online?  here you go:
  • Haiti continues to be an area of great emphasis.  Big needs this week were from an orphanage with 100 children.  Hard to imagine a group more deserving of a helping hand.  Our goal for the year for them is to send school supplies and $1000 to help pay for teachers (they get $67USD per month!), get them solar electric, and help with their buildings.  (See below for an example of one of their current shelters (this is where they cook now for 100 children.)
  • No location has yet been selected for our Fall Break trip. Stay tuned. 
  • Ryland was hired as our first true employee in the US!  He will be working 5-8 hours a week. This is in lieu of the graduate assistant we have had in the past.  NOTE: this is in addition to his role as a regular volunteer student leader.  Thank you to the School of Business and the Pacioli Scholar program for making this possible.
  • MANY jobs coming up: painting, ramps, sidewalk, grab bars, and drywall to name a few.  We are also almost out of WarmSnugglyBlankets and our hope to have material for 100 donated fell through this past weekend, so look for a blanket making day soon.
  • From Facebook: Thank yous: Always very very dangerous to thank some people as undoubtedly I will miss some, but this week we have received much "behind the scenes" help so I would like to mention and publicly thank at least some (and I apologize in advance for missing others). But a partial list of those who helped this week includes: The Khairullahs, Todd PalmerMike Kasperski, Sue Miller, Jerry Godbout, Joe Coate,Mary Jo Stetz Brockel, Father Dan Riley, John Brad Stevens, Pierre Balthazard, Kate HimesMichael Russell, and Mike Muffoletto. THANK YOU!  Thanks also to Jen for updating the website and to Sarah for running a marathon (NYC) as a fundraiser for us!  Here is where you can donate to that:
  • Want something funny to end the update?  Our new BR  upperbody/AB/Back/shoulder workout:  (DON"T TRY IT!!)
  • 10:30 Saturday, 11:15 Sunday.  Come on out!
  • HAVE A GREAT WEEK EVERYONE!  Make the world better for someone whenever you can :)  Jim
  • Shelter where food is prepared for 100 children at an orphanage near Lascahobas, Haiti. We want to make this better.  We can make this better.  We need your help to do it. 

    Volunteer and Change the World!

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