Monday, October 20, 2014

Notice Board Announcement

BonaResponds'  "Let's Go Viral to Fight Ebola" meeting

Super excited to announce a plan to help the many thousands of people affected by Ebola.  We will be launching a program where people across the country can help raise money for groups working on the front lines in the war on Ebola.

We are teaming up with local schools and CYC (the Christian Youth Corps) from Machias and Bradford to rake leaves for people.  In return, we will request a donation made to one of the organizations working in West Africa.

* Doctors Without Borders* Doctors Without Borders
* Partners in Health 
* Catholic Relief Services
* Kids for Christ / Christian Youth Corp - Monrovia Liberia (an orphanage/children's camp)

We think this could (and should) go viral.  Challenge your friends to raise $100 or else donate $5 themselves!

But we need help.

1. Leaders to help make a new website ASAP. (needs to be up and running by late Wednesday)
2. People to spread the idea to their local schools, churches, friends, etc.  (think Ice Bucket Challenge for cool autumn weather!)
3. People to volunteer to help rake leaves and more
4. People to be leaders!
5. Did I mention people to spread the word?   :)

Why? Simply because it is the right thing to do.  The heroes fighting this battle need our support.  The suffering must end.  The children who have lost their parents and all the people who are losing loved ones, need our support.  We can't go there.  But we can help.  And launching a viral attack on a killer virus just seems right!

There will be two immediate meetings:

9 pm (yes it is late and yes there is MNF, but come anyways) on Monday in the Swan Atrium.
and 5:15 PM on Tuesday again in the Swan Atrium (the 5:15 Tuesday is subject to change: follow BonaResponds on Twitter for updates.

See BonaResponds.orgSee for more info

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