Friday, November 07, 2014

Update III on #EndEboa

As promised, another update: 

Total pledged: $1712 

We sent the first $500 via Western Union (cost $20) this week and it was picked up today in Monrovia Liberia by Bishop Nelson.  It will be used to help CYC there feed orphans and others affected by Ebola.   This is a big win!  :)

This weekend $250 more will be sent to Doctors Without Boarders, $150 to Partners in Heath, $100 each to Catholic Relief Services and Medicuschristi.   

After that, we will send the rest by the end of the coming week. 

A few pledges have yet to be received, so if we raked your leaves (or other work the past two weekends) or if you just want to give to help those on the front lines of Ebola, now is the time. You can donate via BUT SINCE I WILL NOT KNOW FOR A WEEK, PLEASE reply as well so we can send the rest of the money this weekend.  (THANKS!) 

We looked into sending CYC and BR shirts as they have wished, but UPS was WAY too expensive (about $300 for a few shirts), so we will look for other ways, or just not send them. 

Pictures and more of the project are available here: 

Turn up your volume:  

I will leave you with an audio thank you/update from Bishop Nelson himself:

(the audio gets better after about the first 1/3)

THANK You again everyone!


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