Tuesday, September 18, 2007

BonaResponds Ohio!!

Announcing BonaResponds-Ohio!

In late August Central Ohio experienced some of the worst flooding in its history. There is still much work to be done cleaning up.

I spoke with a volunteer coordinator this morning and she stressed that these was still much work to be done. Many homes have yet to be gutted and predictably there is a mold problem (see picture 1). Other homes have been gutted but are awaiting dry wall and flooring. In still others, they need painting and more finishing.

So there is work to be done. Unfortunately there are not many volunteers (quick when was the last time you heard about the flooding?). Much work and few volunteers is not a good scenario. You can help to correct this!

Come volunteer! BonaResponds will be setting up camp near Findlay Ohio from October 5 to 8th. All skills are needed. From cooking, to hauling, from driving, to drywalling, from gutting, to painting. Also computer skills, photography, you name it! We can use you :)

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More details to follow, but the cost should be less than $100 per person. This includes food while there and a place to stay.

The accommodations will not be five-star, but we will have bathrooms, shower facilities, etc.

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