Wednesday, September 12, 2007

BonaResponds Quick Response Team

As you know, FEMA is making rules changes to ensure the safety of volunteers that will prevent untrained volunteers from helping immediately after a disaster. In part as a result, BonaResponds has formed a Quick Response team that will receive special training and will be able to go to sites sooner than other volunteers. This is a big commitment and with it comes added responsibility, but it is the right thing to do. It will allow us to truly help those in the most need.

Note, we are not going to be first responders, but quick responders. There to assist first responders and to help set up volunteer coordination in the days and weeks that follow.

Mike Connery is the student leader of this new arm of BonaResponds. He sent the following for inclusion:

  • Introduction online course: (should take less than an hour)
  • Introduction Local disaster Response course (almost all have completed this)
  • Adult CPR at the Red Cross (available times: 10/10, 11/13, 12/3 all courses are from 6-10:30pm)
  • First Aid at the Red Cross (available times: 9/17, 10/17, 11/27, 12/12 all courses are from 6-9pm)

Combined CPR and First Aid will be held on 10/13 and 11/3 from 9am-4pm

If you can make any of these sessions, please let me know ASAP so I can sign you up. There are limited spaces in each class.

  • FEMA 317 online course : (certification by FEMA upon completion MUST BE PRINTED AND SAVED)
  • Chain Saw Training (Time is TBA)
  • Fire Department, Police Department, Disaster Coordinator training session (Time: On a Saturday TBA, idea was to possible do it the Saturday at the start of fall break and then do an abbreviated service trip to either NYC or Ohio afterwards.)
There will also likely be a wrap up training put on by BonaRespond "Staff" that will lay out specifically how we can be better prepared in the event of a disaster.

Upon completion of the training, we will receive special ID badges and clothing that will used to allow access to disaster areas.

If you would like to participate, please email BonaResponds or Mike.

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