Friday, September 21, 2007

Courier Electronic Edition - Findlay, Ohio: NEWS

This was in yesterday's paper

Courier Electronic Edition - Findlay, Ohio: NEWS:
"The flood of August 2007 most likely will go down in the record books as the worst flood in Findlay's history. It will be up to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) to determine the extent of the flooding. The official report is due out in the spring, but looking at the raw data, Jim Sherwood, a hydrologist with the USGS, says the Aug. 21-22 flooding appears to have topped the flood of March 13, 1913 — the current record-holder."
Another article on the Ohio flooding reminds us that those who lived through it had a very stressful time:
"No one who sees disaster is untouched by it," said ODMH Director Sandra Stephenson. "Grief, sadness, shock and anger are normal reactions to an abnormal event like the recent flooding. It's important for individuals and families to take steps to promote their own physical and emotional healing. Talk about what you are feeling with family and friends."

Stress caused by loss or a traumatic experience can sneak up on people, often appearing weeks or months following the initial trauma. Stress is often displayed in subtle but distressing behavior and emotions. The elderly and children are particularly vulnerable to stress after a disaster and may require special considerations."

And finally an article from Disaster News about some of the work:
"Olashuk said cleanup teams were still needed in the Putnam County city of Ottawa, especially teams with specialized heavy equipment. Volunteers there have already worked on more than 140 homes doing everything from removing appliances from the basement to ripping out sub-flooring, carpet and drywall."

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