Thursday, September 06, 2007

Wear Brown!

Hi everyone.

Just a few quick reminders for Saturday's Local Service day:
  • We will meet in Murphy at 8:30. After a quick meeting we will break into groups and get to work. Work will continue to about 4:00
  • A very basic lunch (peanut butter and Jelly) will be available to take with you. However, you may bring your own as well.
  • Dress for the conditions. I would recommend boots and work clothes. Many of you will be painting, working on trails (MUD!), hauling trees, etc. So you will get dirty. And if it rains, some will get wet.
  • Please try to wear brown. Your BonaResponds shirts are perfect but if you do not have a BonaResponds shirt, any brown t-shirt will make us stand out more.
  • Please try to bring a digital camera. We want many pictures!! Let's try for a 1000 pictures! Show the world how fun doing good can be!
  • At several sites music might be wanted. So if you are a site leader and want to bring music, please do!
  • The most important things you can bring are a willingness to help, an open mind, and a willingness to have fun!

Tell others! The more the merrier.

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