Sunday, October 05, 2008

Some Site updates from Yesetrday

New Trail Work
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Yesterday we had just over 60 volunteers working at 8 sites around the area. These included continuing the building on two homes in Allegany County and making trails through Bob's Woods.

Here are some reports from the Site leaders:

From Ashley who worked on a really cool time line of the history of BonaResponds since Katrina. VERY GOOD!
"We spent the October 4th local service day
collaborating ideas, words and pictures into a great time line that spanned the lifetime of BonaResponds. We had a little bit of trouble finding an open computer lab and had to switch a couple time, but it made the day that much more interesting. We spent several hours working on the computers, collecting information and pictures and bouncing ideas off each other and finally printing everything we needed for the time line. Before we hung the time line up in the RC, we took a short lunch
break. Hanging the time line proved to be an interesting experience as well but working together and sharing ideas we got the job done."

Update from Bob's Woods Team (Jen was the leader on this one)
"We spent the first part of the day working on various parts of trail maintenance in Bob's Woods: filling holes along the trails, especially on the dike sections, clearing branches, cutting out stumps and roots on the trails that were dangerous for walkers/runners, and trimming back bushes. Another group worked on planters near Francis, and another cleared a trail near the creek which is being prepared as an "observation look-out" - great for nature walks. The team came together right before lunch to clear some downed trees and branches behind Francis. During the rest of the day, we trail-blazed! In a brand new section between the back fields and the River Trail, a new trail through the meadow section began its transformation from some orange ribbons sprinkled throughout the deep grass and brush and strategically marking the route to a "real trail". There is more to do to finish clearing the brush and grass out to the field. Then, a pass with a lawnmower will finish the trail... or, if you ask the volunteers, several goats would be just perfect! Our team was a friendly, helpful group that worked hard and enjoyed the nice weather and fresh air. Great day!"
And Mike who led the West Clarksville crew send this along:
"We had a very, very productive day. We accomplished more than I thought we were going to. A group of us gathered about another third of Mark's total winter supply of fire wood, while another laid down the first floor, floor barrier and plywood. Along with that we also insulated the back wall of the first floor. Another group created steps for the back doorway and stacked fire wood on the outside of the house.... Once again he [Mark] greatly appreciated us helping him out again, and is so enthusiastic about being able to move in before winter"
Steve added to West Clarksville:
" We put in and finished the floor (a bunch of chipwood boards, i thought it was plywood but it wasn't). Lots of firewood was collected again. For the upstairs floor they're gonna polish it and then put linoleum tiles down. Some parts downstairs will be carpeted. Insulation was started on the back wall."

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