Wednesday, October 01, 2008

October Newsletter

This will be short!
* Remember this Saturday October 4th, we will be having a work day from 10-4:00..mass will follow in the RC at 5:00 pm, a dinner is at 6:00 with Creole food!, followed at 7:30 by a concert in the RC by a New Orleans jazz band that is flying up to thank us for the work we've done in the Gulf. After the concert there will be fireworks on the back field.
Meet at 10:00 in Murphy Aud. Work includes home building (Friendship and West Clarksville, SPCA, Bobs Woods, preparation for concert etc, painting, working on bicycles and more) Come dressed to work. If under 18, please have parents sign this form
* We need volunteers during the day but also afterwards for before and during the concert to staff information tables, serve as ushers, and to take pictures!
* We have a DESPERATE need for drivers for our Fall Break trip. We have two vans reserved, so we need drivers. Must be either above 25 or a grad student and in both cases have a clean driving record. If you qualify, you can go for free. We are that desperate!
* Fall Break trip is to Cedar Rapids Iowa. October 10-14th. We will be working again with HODR. Cost is $150. There is VERY limited availability. (priority for those in Iowa with us this summer, then BonaResponds leaders, then on a first come first serve basis.
* Winter trip will probably be from January 5-17th. Location still to be determined. Top choices Galveston, Houston, SW Louisiana, Bay St. Louis MS, or Pass Christian MS. Details will follow the Fall Break trip.
* We will be taking orders for BonaResponds Hoodies. Cost will be $29 plus Shipping. Order now before it gets cold!
* remember for more info on most of these and other events, see and our blog at
Hope to see you this weekend!
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