Thursday, January 21, 2010

Coverage of SBU's response to Haiti also from the BV

SBU to lend a helping hand by Mike Vitron

""Right now, all volunteer agencies are having a very tough time getting into the country,...There's logjams to get into the country; it's an island country. You can't swim, so getting there is an issue. And then once we are there, having a place to stay is another issue. Finding work won't be a problem.

"Safety is the overriding concern. There are some significant health issues going on. There is a whole list … from the CDC (Center for Disease Control) that if anybody wants to go, there is a laundry list of shots people will need. I think that will probably keep (participation) down....An awful lot of people do want to go. I don't know for sure how many we will be taking, and I would not rule out multiple trips."

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David Driscoll said...

Some of those shots require multiple injections spaced over time, so start now.