Monday, January 18, 2010

Open letter on March 27th International Service Day

I just sent the following to many of our leaders as well as leaders of St. Bonaventure and friends. I want it to get widest possible distribution, so please let others know as well! thanks!!!

Hi "everyone"....

I am writing you to let you know of the BonaResponds International Service Day of March 27th and to ask your help in spreading the word since many of you have great contacts both domestically and internationally.

The International Service Day started as our annual work day in Buffalo with Villa Maria and then a day in Chicago with a group of BonaResponds alum was added. Well one thing has led to another and the whole day has sort of taken off! We now have about 25 cities in the US and sites in several other countries around the globe. Which is not a bad start for the first one (this will become an annual event), but it is still very early and we can get many more people involved with your help.

First the website:

The basic idea of the day is that when everyone does a little, a lot gets done and that we all have the ability to help in some small way. (ironically this was much like Fr Alan's sermon of Sunday night...we should have him recorded for the website!) It is a great excuse for alumni to get together, for friends or companies to help, and

We are going to try to get various countries and cities involved. Have a group in Western China, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Belize, we will have Haiti), plus about 20-25 US cities so far (still need Rochester which is seemingly a tough one. Alumni there are not very organized and we have never worked there. So it is a definite "help!"

We working on several others including Chile, Indonesia, Syria, Zambia, and even (long shot) Afghanistan.

Imagine tracking Santa. In a way that is the mental image I sometimes have of this. We will be tracking good deeds around the world. As Indonesia quits work, Ethiopia will pick up, as Ethiopia quits, another country will come online. For one day at least it will show how everyone is connected and that we all can contribute no matter where we are, or no matter who we are.

It need not be big nor hard. The work people can do can be as small as helping a neighbor shop or walking dogs at the Humane Society. At the other end of the spectrum, we expect over 100 at a couple of sites (Buffalo and Charlotte).

After the work is done, we are asking people to share their day (via toll free phone, email, pictures, videos, etc...this will serve sort of as a "reflection" which , with the video will make, will bring it all together to show that together much good work can get done.

It is important to know that volunteers need not have any tie to SBU or the US or anything else ...While in Atlanta several Methodist churches picked up the idea and will be participating. In China, a University with almost no ties to SBU will be working. ..all we ask is that they go and do good work.

I think it is going to be VERY VERY cool...and will only grow in time.

But for now I am asking you to get involved.

1. Share this (or any variation of it) with people you know, especially internationally.
2. Save the date
3. Remember the website:

thanks in advance! I REALLY think this is going to be HUGE and help thousands of people.


I would also encourage you to follow BonaResponds on twitter for updates on this and all of our other activities.

Jim Mahar

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