Thursday, March 04, 2010

DIY efforts bring aid to Haiti - Haiti earthquake-

DIY efforts bring aid to Haiti - Haiti earthquake-
"Haiti has two relief campaigns under way: a massive, lumbering international operation comprising U.N. agencies, foreign military and hundreds of private aid organizations; and the collective efforts of individuals acting on their own in frustration at what they see as shortcomings in the international response."
and later:

"Shaun King, lead pastor of The Courageous Church in Atlanta, set up a Web site for people to donate money and tents priced from $55 to $800. Working with 200 volunteers, Haitian orphanages and a makeshift camp in Port-au-Prince, King has collected 1,505 tents to shelter 7,525 people and $24,185.

"We pledge that 100 percent of the funds we raise will go directly (and only) to tents," the Web site promises, a swipe at the overhead costs at big humanitarian organizations."

Let mer start by saying there is clearly a need for BIG and SMALL relief efforts in this (and virtually every other disaster). That said, I am continually amazed and saddened that the big organizations do not see how slow their response is and how the holes their organizations leave MUST be filled. I wish I could say more, but will only end with the personal opinion that "Motivation trumps bureaucracy ALMOST every time."

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and action beats it EVERY TIME!!!