Wednesday, March 31, 2010

From Andy Harnett (Haiti)

Well, Saturday did not go as planned in Haiti. Sorry Andy! Glad you are feeling better!! Keep up the good work!

Andy Hartnett Home (Andy Hartnett):
"Saturday was a day that I wont forget, I was very weak and running to the bathroom very often. Other than that I slept for what felt like days. That issue past in the next day or so and I was told that it was good to go through it as it made my immune system stronger, I guess what doesnt kill you makes you stronger right? Back to work on Monday, I was avoiding the rubble crews as I wanted to fully make sure I was better. I joined a crew assisting what we call the non group, which is actually just a few guys that got together with some money and came down with a design that uses PVC piping and a material similar to what they wrap boats with. They have enough materials to make over 1000 temporary shelters which look like a white half dome. about 15 ft long by 9 feet wide. It seems like a cool project"

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