Monday, March 15, 2010

From a worker at an Haitian Orphanage

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From time to time we get a request that just staggers our ability to understand. This is just such a request. The other day we were asked for food for an orphanage.

She explained that the food supplies were becoming more difficult and protein especially was in short supply.

We asked for more details. Kim (who is working there) sent the following:

"We are looking for a way to get a steady inflow of food, but anything will help. They are also in the process of building more rooms and will need bunk beds, mattresses, and bedding.

Basically there is a man named Reginald who is the president of a non profit Haitian organization called GRODYSH. They were managing 4 orphanages in Haiti. When the earthquake happened, all the orphanages crumbled. Some of the children died and the rest were in the streets. Reggie and his workers have been investigating the area and finding their children to bring them to his house. He is currently using his house and his land to house the children and keep them in a safe location and off the streets.

They have found 116 of their children. He is planning to donate his house and turn it into an official orphanage. The house is too small to house all the children, but they have tents in his yard. He currently has builders and is working on building more rooms and a bigger kitchen and bathroom area for the children. He has set up an Applied Scholastics program at his house so the kids are now going to school. The ages range from 2-16."
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