Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Interesting and important tweets from today

Some of the best I saw today: Not necessarily in order.

11:56am, Mar 03 from HootSuite Great new blog update on the "crew" from Philip Keracofe's blog:

1:41pm, Mar 03 from TweetDeck RT @sanstis: Latest on World Bank... Shedding aid dependency: How does business fit into development? //

12:55pm, Mar 03 from TweetDeck Based on current figures, the earthquake in#Haiti ranks among the top 3 most-deadly-eqs in recorded history.

12:53pm, Mar 03 from Web A friend org needs volunteers 2 help build earthquake-proof homes in Haiti March (3/26-3/28) Email! RT@allforhaitiorg


12:36pm, Mar 03 from TweetDeck RT @Concern: Mia Herald speaks w@Concern nutritionist Bernie Feeney about crisis of hunger facing children in #Haiti:

12:16pm, Mar 03 from Seesmic Up to date, WFP Logistics dispatched 607 trucks from Santo Domingo into #Haiti

to wit:
5:53pm, Mar 03 from Web I've seen 3 or 4 groups of people (20-40 in ea. group) sweeping the streets with brooms and wearing blue or yellow t-shirts. The New Deal..

6:51pm, Mar 03 from Web Everyone is in shock. Different degrees of shock but shock nevertheless. We're also trying to determine what the future holds@Trazlersgirl

These came out weird (may have been in Firefox at the time)
RT @iamvatoni: Great story shows how effective individuals and small NGOs can be!
O'Malley moved by Haitians' sacrifice as he wraps up trip - video & article from @BostonUpdate

6:20pm, Mar 03 from Tweetie Some erudite Haitian perspectives on rebuilding. Especially liked Marcelin and Theard. #haiti

6:10pm, Mar 03 from Web its too quiet in PAP. no traffic from the airport, not many people, and the makeshift living situation seems to be looking permanent. Scary

7:14pm, Mar 03 from Tweetie We have a team headed back to Haiti next week! Stay tuned...

7:28pm, Mar 03 from TweetDeck RT @jacquiecharles: On the road from Jacmel. Different energy/vibe from PAP. People trying to pull their lives back together. #Haiti

Ok, time to workout.

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