Monday, March 08, 2010

Why focus on the funny when so much suffering

Well written piece that likely gets to the heart of why the radio show last night went downhill so quickly as well.

Philip Kiracofe -Adventure Capitalist:
"I suppose my hope in writing these daily recaps was to reassure some people of my safety and wellbeing; as well as shed some light on the work that HODR is doing and provide a bit of humor along the way--I think the editor in me thought that lightening the gravity of this relief work with humor would make the reality palatable—for me and for those I am sharing this experience with.--Mostly, the conditions here are so awful that recounting the details, apart from the “serious” paragraphs in my emails, is taxing because I (and others) choose to get up the next day to face it all over again.--And that is a difficult task.--I also fear appearing too much like one of those “Children International” people on the street who shove pictures of starving children in your face…"

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