Friday, March 26, 2010

The world responds with Bona's - Web Exclusives

The world responds with Bona's - Web Exclusives: By Meaghan o"Rourke
"It's a snapshot of service around the world, and Bona's is leading it,' BonaResponds' faculty adviser Jim Mahar said.

Mahar didn't have an exact count of local volunteers, but he said he would be happy if just one person showed up.

'The goal of International Service Day is to get as many people helping out as possible. Small or big, it doesn't matter the size of the job, go help someone,' junior Steven Gearhart said.

Service will occur at more than 30 sites across the globe and throughout the United States.

'It's basically a request for people wherever they are, whoever they are, to go out and help someone,' Mahar said. 'And then when they're done with the day, to tell us about it.'"

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