Monday, September 19, 2011

BR in the News all over the place! wow.!

From the BV on Friday:

Bona’s responds to Catskills’ call - Features - The Bona Venture:

"BonaResponds volunteers were inundated with a desire to help the people of the Catskills region after Hurricane Irene's devastation, and the group stepped up to help the suffering community.

Upward of 30 students and volunteers came together in Marga-retville, N.Y. to help with the restoration and revitalization of the city. Jessica Misiaszek, a senior journalism and mass communication major, was among the volunteers.

"I have never experienced a tornado (or) hurricane disaster, so when I see other places undergo these disasters, I want to help," Misiaszek wrote in an email. "I would rather spend my time helping others that need it, than doing nothing and worrying about my own life."

and later in the same article:
"Residents were extremely gracious and appreciative of St. Bonaventure's outreach. The two-day trip allowed students to get a true sense of the importance of helping communities in need.
"The people of the Catskills thanked our group several times for our efforts," [Alexandra] Perl wrote. "BonaResponds is a phenomenal organization dedicated to providing comfort, stability and emotional support to victims of tragedy."

On Saturday we were in the Olean Times Herald:

"For many college students, summer is a time to relax, travel, work, or catch up with friends and family.

For a number of dedicated St. Bonaventure University students with the BonaResponds group, this summer was anything but relaxing as they helped with several natural disasters around the country"

We were also in on Sunday but I can not find a link.

And on Sunday James Torres was on the front page of the Elmire StarGazette:
Flood cleanup in the Valley | | Elmira Flood of 2011 | Star-Gazette: JASON WHONG / STAFF PHOTO
James Torres, 21, of Long Island, an English major at St. Bonaventure University and volunteer for BonaResponds, dumps insulation material in a pile Saturday in front of the home of Sue Green on Maple Street in Athens.

Another picture from inside the paper is here. (shows Larry and James)


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