Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Help #EndEbola!

Help reduce suffering in West Africa. help #EndEbola!

BonaResponds is joining forces with CYC (Christian Youth Corps) and the entire world (this can be done anywhere and by anyone!). 

The basic plan: Volunteers will do lawn work or other small chores in return for a donation that goes to those helping those on the front lines in the battle against Ebola. 

From this basic idea, the donation can work in two different ways.
1. You give us the money and we decide the actual split of the money (it will all go to the groups below)
2. You tell us how much and to whom you are donating and then make the donation on your own (you can also use the hashtag #EndEbola to share your donation and volunteer event to help!)

Groups we recommend:
1. Doctors Without Borders
2. Partners in Health
3. Catholic Relief Services:
4. UMCOR (United Methodist Committee on Relief)

5. a group run by a Siena Graduate
6. CitiHope: a group we have worked with in the past and hope to again!
7. CYC of Liberia (which runs service programs and children camps and are getting many additional orphans)

We need three things:
1. Work to do (we will be raking leaves and other jobs) in the Western NY and NW Pennsylvania area this weekend). You can sign up to get your lawn work done
2. We will need volunteers (and rakes!) this weekend. 10:30 on Saturday to start from lower parking lot to the West of the baseball field. (here is a waiver form that will need to be signed:
3. We need people to help spread the word! Please use hashtags #EndEbola#BonaResponds in tweets/ Instagram or Facebook posts.

Don't have any small chores? You can still get involved. Challenge co-workers and friends to raise $100 for one of the groups or else they (and you!) each donate $10.

We'd love to have your help!

And a special note to people and groups other areas: This is totally "open source" so please please imitate US and improve/multiply our efforts! The key is getting help to the groups that need it!

PLEASE SHARE!!! This really needs to go viral! (The campaign and not the Ebola virus!  )

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