Friday, October 24, 2014

Media coverage of our #EndEbola Campaign

A fast look at some of the media coverage of our #EndEbola campaign

From the BV by Julia:

"BonaResponds began a campaign this week to raise awareness for the fight against Ebola. The group will also raise money for the organizations fighting the disease and dealing with its consequences.The campaign encourages volunteers to help rake leaves in the surrounding community. Community members who choose to have their lawns raked are asked to donate to an organization fighting Ebola....
“Suffering anywhere is suffering everywhere. I see no distinction in helping the person down the block and the person around the world except for the costs involved,” Jim Mahar, advisor of BonaResponds, said.

From the Olean Times Herald:

"....spread this campaign by telling friends and using the hashtag #endebola on their social media profiles. BonaResponds hopes this campaign will grow into something bigger by making it a challenge, reminiscent of the recently popular “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.”Volunteers can challenge others to raise $100 for the cause or donate $10 themselves.
... because the disease is affecting such a poor part of the world, it is especially difficult to treat."

From Time Warner Cable News Buffalo

"...if you go to they can sign up if they want their lawn mowed, or raked or anything that they want done, they can describe the job and then they can decide if they are going to make a donation to whichever group their doing it to, "

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