Monday, August 06, 2018

How to get involved from off campus.

From out FB post:   

We will be having many big work days coming up, but some of you can't travel and most of you are away from campus now, so how can you help right now? From where you are?  Here is a SHORT list of ways from home.

1.  We are collecting small toys, school supplies, children clothes, winter boots, and children books for the St. Bonaventure Indian Mission and School. We will be packing on August 26th.

2. We are packing small toiletries, granola bars, NEW  socks, NEW underwear, and winter jackets for Outside the Walls to distribute to the homeless.  Also, tee shirts.

3. We are still collecting tools, medical supplies, school supplies, soccer equipment, for schools and medical centers in Haiti. We are also collecting the large (empty) bags that pet food comes in! 

4. We need pill bottles for a packing event where we will be shipping fishing and garden "kits" to Africa and Haiti.  The fishing kits are in honor of a NYS trooper who lost his life.  The family sends hundreds as a way to keep his memory alive while helping others.

5. Don't like any of these options?  Buy a backpack (donate $55 at or at  The money will buy the backpack, buy school supplies, and pay for a month of schooling in Haiti.  (HaitiScholarships PositiveRipples).  The backpacks will then be donated to a student in Haiti (unless you want them and that can be arranged).

6. Agree to help manage the PositiveRipples/HatiScholarships social media pages. Or to work on the WarmSnugglyBlanket Web page. 

7. Like science?  or Marketing?  We are looking for some people to work on a carbon offset reforestation program in Haiti.  We need a website developed, and help in marketing the program to individuals, businesses, and organizations (classes, teams, and church groups)

8. Still haven't found how you want to help? Donate to this great GoFundMe page.  We are trying to educate 53 #Ebola Orphans in Liberia and could really really use your help!

If none of these excites you, let us know.   We will see what we can do to come up with a project tailored to your needs!

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