Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Bahamas trip and upcoming events

So much news, so little time!

In speed more, here goes:

  1. The Bahamas trip was VERY productive.  8 wheelchair ramps done, three roofs tarped,  three buildings (one house, one office, one apartment) gutted/partially gutted, 3 places where we did mold abatement, floorboards installed, classroom discussion on service and importance of education made, we worked one day at the YMCA, and ??  not sure what else I am missing.  The volunteers were GREAT and the people we helped were very happy to get the assistance!  
  2. We are going back!  Feb 28-March 8/9   Come with us!  We have jobs lined up, a place to stay, the tools are in shipment, but we need volunteers.  Look for a couple of meetings as soon as school starts back up.  Or contact any of the BonaResponds leaders (Maggie, Evan, Kelly, or Natalie will have the most info on it... or me (  
  3. Locally: have many jobs backed up.  First (given the weather) we will be doing iPads, Blankets, and an emergency production of Marsupial blankets.  Look for it Saturday, January 25 in Swan.    Also, have a workday at the Warming House coming up--I suspect Sunday, January 26th.   Moving forward, we need a couple of packing days (for the Bahamas and for Haiti), we also have a request to paint in Portville for aquaponics program there.   and of course, there are MANY ramps waiting for nicer weather.  
  4. Nationally: we want a short weekend trip to Cleveland.  The idea is to work at St. Francis Elementary school again AND to have an educational component, a service component, and a basketball tournament.  
  5. Internationally: Haiti: shipments, more work on microloans, and hopefully an educational conference with Enactus.    ALSO and this is MY favorite: more gardens and tree planting.  and of course fundraising for   
  6. Internationally: Sierra Leone: new gardens, more educational projects, working to reduce suicides by working on personal worth and projects to spread hope and jobs.  

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