Saturday, February 20, 2021

TEXAS is Calling!

 Remember Dickenson Texas post-Hurricane Harvey? No, here is a video of the trip:

Why are we bringing it up now? We spoke with PastorAmos Sowell this afternoon. He is just a great guy! We stayed with him on two different trips and met with him on three trips to the area.

While he is still recovering from being hospitalized with Covid, he is helping to organize help for those in the Dickenson area who had frozen pipes, etc as a result of the recent weather and electric disaster there.
will be spearheading a collection for water, drywall, and plumbing supplies.
When speaking to him, he said they still had work left from Harvey, and definitely need a helping hand now!

PositiveRipples will be sending money a few times, so please lend a hand. IDEALLY, we can go down there after everyone gets vaccinated and we are again allowed to travel, SO PLEASE GET VACCINATED and mask up now so the spread stops!

We will have more updates coming, but please think about donating to (and comment TEXAS) on the donations that you want to go there!

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