Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Hinsdale House

A continued look at some of the jobs we will be doing this weekend:

The fact that this is a so called "haunted house" matters only because it has led others to bother the current owners, but it does make things more interesting. We will be putting in a fence and likely working on their roof.

Kelly (who is our contact here) sent the following:
"...the infamous haunted house located in Hinsdale, NY, which was depicted on The Discovery Channel's series, "A Haunting" - Dark Forest. This is also the same house in which Father Alphonsus Trabold (1925 - 2005) of St. Bonaventure performed an exorcism in 1974. The present occupants [NAMES DELETED]are an elderly couple in their 80s on a fixed income, and their home is in need of extensive repair, especially the roof, siding and back porch."

....Following are a couple of links which will familiarize you with the story of this intriguing house and the history surrounding it.

A short synopsis by Father Al from SBU.

....Another YouTube short video with interviews of a former owner... who I've also interviewed, Father Al, and Mason Winfield:

Please let them know I brought this to your attention. We're going to attempt to put a perimeter fence at the end of their property to keep the curious from trespassing on their land. Last summer...many people came up unannounced and uninvited as late as 3am knocking on their door. Neither Flo nor Joe are in good enough health to be disturbed at such odd hours."

As an aside, I remember Fr. Treibolt from around campus. I had no idea who he was, but I remember him walking all over campus and in the area that is now "Bob's Woods". Great guy. Never knew his name.


Anonymous said...

My mother and Father lived in this house in 1974 with myself (1 yr.) and my older half brother. We lived there for about a year and then my father decided to up and move. I've never been back there but would love to one day return.

Paul Kenyon said...

Um, could the person that posted this message please email me? You're obviously mistaken on what year you and your parents lived there since the Dandy family were there from '70-'75. I would however like to know why your dad decided it was time to, 'up and leave.' Thanks,

Anonymous said...

I havent talked to flo since the early 90's when she talked to a few of us in the area on our CB radios. i remember asking her if she had any odd things happening up there but ive never been to the house.