Monday, October 05, 2009

BonaResponds Fall break 2009 trip!

Good news! There have been no major disasters of late locally or nationally! EXCELLENT!

Now with that in mind, it allows us to think about what BonaResponds can do this fall break without pressure of having to get somewhere to help those in an emergency situation.

BonaResponds is staying local! That's right our fall break trip is to Western New York!

But before you roll your eyes and say I am not interested, consider that you will have the fun of a trip without the travel and cost!

In the past students have given the following reasons for going on trips with us:

  1. to help others in a time of need
  2. to have fun
  3. to meet new friends
  4. to hang out with old friends
  5. to learn new skills
  6. to build a resume
  7. to experience new things
  8. to save the expense of a long trip home
And guess what? Each of these is met and even better, we will be able to do it without sitting in a van for countless hours!

BonaResponds | Home Page:
"This fall break, we'll be working between Gowanda and locally. Check out our tentative agenda below... it's full of good work and good fun!! Won't you join us? And bring a friend! Please sign up here.

Friday 10/9 - Camping in Gowanda

* 5 PM - 8 PM: Work Evening in Gowanda

Saturday 10/10 - Camping in Gowanda
* 10 AM - 3 PM: Work Day in Gowanda
* 4 PM - ???: Thank You Celebration - Complete with Parade, Fireworks, and Barbecue.... live music, Ruben Brown, great fun!!!

Sunday 10/11 - Camping at Allegany State Park
* 10 AM - 4 PM: Work Day in Gowanda

Monday 10/12 (Columbus Day) - Camping at Allegany State Park

* 9 AM - 5 PM: Work Day Locally
Tuesday 10/13
* 10 AM - 3 PM: Work Day Locally"

Bring sleeping bags and work clothes, gloves, etc. We will be staying in cabins and/or lodges. In BonaResponds' style, the accommodations are not luxurious but will be fun.

Camp fires at night, good work in the day. You will have fun and do good work!

Open to all. a great opportunity for faculty and staff to be involved for a day or two.

Sign up here!

For a more complete list of what to bring, consider this list from our winter break trip. The work we will be doing is similar in many respects, so I would encourage similar belongings.

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